[nSLUG] Donate Hardware to FMM

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Wed Jul 6 01:02:45 ADT 2016

Canadas Electronic Recycling Association is collecting hardware to
donate to Fort McMurray victims.


"Donations are being accepted from both individuals and businesses
across Canada. If you have anything that meets the criteria below, then
fill out this form on the ERA website to start the process.

Laptops and desktop computers (ideally running Windows 7 or OS X Lion at
the oldest)
Printers, Multi-function devices, scanners, etc. with intact toner or ink.
Smartphones (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone)
Servers and server racks (running Windows 2003 or better)
Peripheral pieces including monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.
Routers for home and office
There’s no need for software on the computers as ERA will recommend open
source software such as Open Office to recipients (or perhaps they can
reclaim their previous software licences.) "

I'm not sold yet, but I thought I should share it nevertheless.

Daniel AJ

PS: Anyone of you know how to embed a tracking device in old hardware?
I'd be interested to find out where donated HW actually ends up.

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