[nSLUG] Annoying Eastlink Notices

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Sat Feb 27 18:29:17 AST 2016


this week, Eastlink has started to bombard me with copyright
infringement notices under the "Notice and Notice"-regime of the
Copyright Act.

However, they do not send emails. Rather, they insert these notices into
(seemingly) random websites. It doesn't stop and blocks parts of the pages.

How do they do that? I can't find it in the source code.

I am not even a direct Eastlink customer, but a customer of their
reseller Citywide Communications.

Daniel AJ

PS: Needless to say, I did not infringe the Copyright. It is a scam by
purported Copyright holders who want to bully us into paying "settlements".

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