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Hello All:
First time replying, long time lurker.
If you're going to get people to even think about Linux, you need to stress functionality, ease of use & security / privacy.  Especially when comparing against Windows 10.  
A lot is going to depend on the individual user.  My GF's mom is 68 & Windows 7 was giving her all kinds of issues.  Reloaded her laptop with Mint Linux & that was almost a year ago, no issues since then.  But then you temper that with my own mother, who went from Windows 7 to Mint & has had nothing but trouble, simply because of small visual changes.  She was raised on Windows & nothing but Windows.  It's almost worth my time & effort to put her back onto Windows b/c she has had so many issues with the transition.
A suggestion might be having one PC with Windows on it & another with Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, Chromium, etc) so you can do side by side comparison of the two & how you won't lose functionality, etc, etc.


> Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2016 01:22:16 -0400
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> David Rodgers wrote:
> > For the meeting next month, I will be doing a talk titled
> > "Introduction to Linux". I hope to see both old and new people
> > there. It will be an excellent chance to bring along some new people
> > that you would like to introduce to Linux.
> and  later:
> > In regardes to the kernel and core GNU tools; by the end of the talk
> > I hope to introduce Linux newcomers to some basic command line
> > tools, and to impart a basic understanding of what the function of
> > the Linux kernel is.
> Isn't it the case that most "new people", potential converts to Linux,
> will be Windows users who will want to be able to do "all my usual
> stuff" were they to switch?  I would feel crippled without grep,
> regular expressions and the command line but I'm an old geezer who was
> using Unix before I ever tried Windows.  Most people have grown up
> with the MS Windows interface, have gotten good at it, will want to
> see the Linux interface presented in terms of its familiar features
> and similar capabilities.
> I'm not just taking a gratuitous run at your proposal.  I really don't
> know what it takes to persuade a Windows (or Mac) user, even one who's
> expressed curiosity about Linux, to go for it.  One guy on hfx.general
> recently took one look at Win 10 and made the switch all on his own
> with no hand-holding but I suspect he's atypical.  I haven't been able
> to persuade SWMBO to switch but when the time comes (as it will when
> her present computers finally die of old age) she'll want to know
> about downloading from her camera, controlling her microscope cam,
> scanning and printing, email, web browsing, playing video files and
> DVDs, not licensing, internal system structure or the command
> line. (Notwithstanding that she started with the command line on
> CP/M.)
> Mutter, mumble...
> - Mike
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