[nSLUG] Talk - Introduction to Linux

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Feb 18 01:22:16 AST 2016

David Rodgers wrote:

> For the meeting next month, I will be doing a talk titled
> "Introduction to Linux". I hope to see both old and new people
> there. It will be an excellent chance to bring along some new people
> that you would like to introduce to Linux.

and  later:

> In regardes to the kernel and core GNU tools; by the end of the talk
> I hope to introduce Linux newcomers to some basic command line
> tools, and to impart a basic understanding of what the function of
> the Linux kernel is.

Isn't it the case that most "new people", potential converts to Linux,
will be Windows users who will want to be able to do "all my usual
stuff" were they to switch?  I would feel crippled without grep,
regular expressions and the command line but I'm an old geezer who was
using Unix before I ever tried Windows.  Most people have grown up
with the MS Windows interface, have gotten good at it, will want to
see the Linux interface presented in terms of its familiar features
and similar capabilities.

I'm not just taking a gratuitous run at your proposal.  I really don't
know what it takes to persuade a Windows (or Mac) user, even one who's
expressed curiosity about Linux, to go for it.  One guy on hfx.general
recently took one look at Win 10 and made the switch all on his own
with no hand-holding but I suspect he's atypical.  I haven't been able
to persuade SWMBO to switch but when the time comes (as it will when
her present computers finally die of old age) she'll want to know
about downloading from her camera, controlling her microscope cam,
scanning and printing, email, web browsing, playing video files and
DVDs, not licensing, internal system structure or the command
line. (Notwithstanding that she started with the command line on

Mutter, mumble...

- Mike

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