[nSLUG] Stick Ubuntu 16.04-driver to 15.10?

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Mon Feb 15 02:24:33 AST 2016


I have Dell laptop (New XPS 13) that has always been fraught by a lack
of palm detection on the touchpad. That makes for very limited use,
because I can only use the laptop when there is enough space to use an
external mouse. I MUST deactivate the touchpad if I want to type anything.

Apparently, users of Archlinux have been successful in enabling palm
detection by installing this:


That xorg-input-libinput is meant for the forthcoming Ubuntu 16.04.

Do you think I can install it onto an Ubuntu 15.10 device running a

What are the pitfalls?

Thank you
Daniel AJ

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