[nSLUG] Problems on Eastlink/Citywide Communications?

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Fri Feb 5 16:42:05 AST 2016


is anyone of you experiencing issues with their browsing on internet
access through Eastlinkg or Citywide Communications?

For a few days now, many different websites have started to not work
properly for my. On Linux, ChromeOS, and Android. Random important parts
are missing, for example pictures, videos and ads are missing - but not
all of them. Just some. Some other elements are missing and some links
are not working (which I believe is due to missing scripts).

I tried deactivating add-ons, using different browser, spoofing the
browser identity - nothing helped.

Until I activated a VPN - suddenly, everything is working fine. My
(de)activating the VPN, I can go back and forth between the
misfunctional and the functional versions of the websites.

The HTML-code I receive seems to be identical.

My ISP is Citywide Communications, which is an Eastlink-reseller.

Daniel AJ

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