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Fri Dec 16 10:07:24 AST 2016


I am looking for help/advice to mount my cell phone on my linux machine as a USB device and use MTP to transfer files to/from my cell using my computer. I've scoured the forums and tried many different things, but have had no success. 

I am running Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa (aka "Ubunu 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr") and my phone is a Motorola Moto G that runs on android. 

I get a couple of errors when I try to mount my cell: 
This one: 
Could not display "mtp://[usb:001,018]/". 
Error: No such interface 'org.gtk.vfs.Mount' on object at path /org/gtk/vfs/mount/1 
Please select another viewer and try again. 

Or this one: 
Unable to mount motorola MotoG3 
Couldn't find matching udev device 

Can anyone suggest the best next step? 

Thanks so much! 

- Sparky 
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