[nSLUG] Website Update

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Aug 18 18:21:23 ADT 2016

On Thu, 18 Aug 2016, Mike Spencer wrote:

> A mention, not only of the location of the default social meets but
> some description of the place, viz. that it's below grade and not
> easily visible from the street might help.  My first time at the cafe
> meet, I drove up and down the street several times looking for the
> place.  (No, I don't have a phone with GPS.)
> - Mike

***   Good point, Mike. Therefore:

"nSLUG meets the first Monday of every month (or the second
Monday, if the first is a holiday). We host both social and
technical meetings, lectures and events. Unless it has been
announced otherwise on the mailing list, our meeting will be
a social one to be held at the Uncommon Grounds coffee shop.
It is located..."

    Someone with the information can fill in the rest.


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