[nSLUG] Website Construction Tech Talk

David Rodgers davidfrodgers at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 14:45:01 ADT 2015

Thanks for putting on this tech talk Corrie, I was just wondering the
time and location for talk.

On 04/10/15 01:47 PM, Corrie wrote:
> Hi All,
> The Oct.5 tech talk will be a hands-on affair: if you have a working
> laptop, please bring it. Those who have no laptop to bring, I can give
> you copies of all the files and notes to take home, so you can play there.
> We will be looking at how HTML works, where to use it, and how not to
> use it.
> There will test files for you to mutilate-- sorry,format!--; these will
> be available on a USB dongle. As well, there will be a paper handout
> (also exists as pdf file).
> Come and play tomorrow!
> Regards,
> Corrie

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