[nSLUG] Ranting / VLAN Tagging

Robert McKay robert at mckay.com
Thu May 28 11:29:44 ADT 2015

On 2015-05-28 14:10, chris thompson wrote:
> So Im fighting my way through configuring VLAN tagging on various
> equipment, after of course making sure the latest firmware is on
> there... and fighting through to find a browser that will display the
> VLAN Management interface.. known issue but the device is EOL so what
> do you do.
> but the VLAN tagging doesnt actually function... Now Im relatively 
> new
> to the entire tagging/segregating at this level, so Ive been fighting
> through thinking all along I have been doing something wrong. The
> simple test, tag port 18, plug into port 12, ping the device directly
> connected to port 18, likewise ping from port 18 to 12. The result is
> expected to be simple and expected, traffic doesnt get through... 
> I finally broke down today and reached out to Netgear.. oops. The
> conversation is below, now Im trying very hard to be humble here, as 
> I
> really dont have much knowledge or experience with this.. yet... 
> if you kind folks could provide any type of insight I would be 
> greatly
> appreciated.

I guess the important thing to understand is that the tagging/untagging 
is independent from port/vlan membership. You can have a port that's a 
member of lots of vlans but if it's not specifically configured to use 
them it will only be able to talk which ever one (if any) the switch is 
tagging/untagging by default.

You could have a port that's a member of every vlan and will receive 
traffic from all of them, but if you just plug a normal device into it, 
it won't be able to use any of the vlans because it is setup to only 
send/receive untagged traffic. To be useful the switch has to untag and 
tag traffic into the right vlan.


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