[nSLUG] My (I think) solution Re: Need assistance setting up an email account on an android tablet]

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 24 23:44:17 ADT 2015

Jack called me last Friday evening just as I was arriving home at 6:43
P.M.and talked me through the solution to connecting my Android tablet
to Sympatico email.  It appears that BellAliant has a special server and
port for Android: SMTPA (the 'A' probably for 'Android').  Specifying
the server name of SMTPA.bellaliant.net, and specifying port 2225
(rather than the default port of 25 which my tablet produced when I
indicated the server type of 'SMTP') enabled me to connect to my
existing Sympatico email account.
I would appreciate it if some of you would give it a try, and please
reply to let me know whether it works for you as well.

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> Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2015 5:14 PM
> Subject: Need assistance setting up an email account on an android
> table
> I have recently purchased a Phoenix tablet from Walmart, and am
> attempting to access my existing Sympatico email, and have reached a
> roadblock.  On Ubuntu using the Evolution email program, I used the
> following to access my existing email account:
>     Server Type: POP
>     Server: pop.bellaliant.net
>     Security: Use Secure Connection: No encryption
>     Authentication Type: Password
>     Receiving Options:...
> Sending Email:
>     Server Type: SMTP   
>     Server Configuration:
>             Server: smtp.bellaliant net
>             Server requires authentication (left blank)
>             Security: Use Secure Connection; No Encryption
> On the tablet, The dialogue goes:
>     Email account
>         You can set up your account in just a few steps.    
>         Email address        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>         Password:               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>             Two options are then given: 'Manual setup', or 'Next'
>     Either choice produces the same dialogue (note that for brevity I
> have shown below the choices below as words, separated by ',', where
> the dialogue uses 'pushbuttons' for eacSSL/TLS,h choice, and selecting
> the default value 'None' opposite 'Security Type' produces a drop-down
> list of the 5 values 'None', ...  ).
>         Account type
>         What type of account is this? Pop3 / IMAP / EXCHANGE
>         Selecting POP3, I enter my existing email Username and
> Password, followed by:
>         Server:    pop.bellaliant.net
>         Security Type:    None, SSL/TLS, SSL/TLS(Accept all
> certificates), STARTTLS, and STARTTLS,(Accept all certificates)
>         Port:    110
>         Delete email from server:    xxxxxxxxxx
> When I accept the default Security type: None, and carry on to the
> Next step, the tablet quickly displays 'Validating server settings',
> and then carries on with the next step:
>     Outgoing server settings:
>     SMTP server:    smtp.bellaliant.net
>     Security type:   None, SSL/TLS, SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates),
> STARTTLS, and STARTTLS,(Accept all certificates)
>     Port:                  25
>     Require signin is checked by default, and my email userid and
> password are shown again.
> When I carry on by pressing the 'Next' button, a popup shows
> 'Validating server settings', and after a few seconds produces the
> message "Couldn't finish" "Authentication methods aren't supported by
> server.    Edit details.
> Selecting 'Edit details' returns me to the previous screen.  I f I
> change the 'Security type" from 'None' to 'SSL/TLS', the port
> automatically changes from 25 to 465, but when I press the 'Next'
> button, the display instantly produces "Couldn't finish" "Couldn't
> open connection to server.  "Edit detals".  Changing the port back to
> 25 produces the same result.  I tried each of the Security types, with
> the same result.  Calling Aliant support produced noting useful, other
> than 'contact the manufacturer'.  Does anyone have any other
> suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Frank

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