[nSLUG] Redhat bug report - case insensitive programming unavailable

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 09:37:20 ADT 2015

Sometimes it seems like programming takes
a major step backward.  Like loss of ntsysv as
a utility for managing start up services when
using systemd based Redhat 7 (thankfully Debian 8
still has rcconf while running systemd).

I came across a bug report at Redhat regarding
an extremely long process line many people are
seeing for abrt-watch-log.  (As far as I can tell
it is normal behaviour.)


Notice comment #2.  It seems like the first letter
in many keywords are being truncated in the ps output.

The answer in comment #3:

abrt-dump-oops throws away the first letter because we want to find
either "Kernel" or "kernel".

I don't recall ever before seeing someone change the output into
something unreadable to make the job of string matching
easier.  tolower, grep -i, etc., are not that new nor difficult.
Perhaps if the same programmer worked for IBM, the pay
stub would output the null string.

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