[nSLUG] Not permitted to post - address doesn't match subscription

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Jul 9 12:42:25 ADT 2015

On Mon, 6 Jul 2015, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> OK, we've sorted this out:

> In Richard's case, which we started investigating at tonight's 
> meeting, we found he could post from Chebucto's pine mail client, 
> but not webmail. Pine sets the Sender header to Richard's subscribed 
> address while webmail does not.
> It turns out Chebucto *accepts* mail at either user at chebucto.ca or 
> user at chebucto.ns.ca, but our mailing list software treats these as 
> two distinct addresses. Chebucto's pine sends using the first form 
> but their webmail sends using the second. Since Richard's 
> subscription is only under the first form of the address, he could 
> only post from pine and not webmail. Other users of Chebucto on our 
> list may find this useful to know.

***   Cool. Thanks for investigating, Ben.

> So what can you do about it?
> Well, if you want to be able to post from both addresses, you can 
> subscribe to both and then set one to "nomail" in your subscription 
> settings. That way you'll continue to only receive one set of 
> correspondence from the list while allowing you to post from both.
> This means for you, Richard, you need a second subscription with 
> your address @chebucto.ns.ca which you should set to nomail.

***   I can read from both PINE and WebMail, but will simply remember 
to post only from PINE.


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