[nSLUG] Not permitted to post - address doesn't match subscription

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Mon Jul 6 21:38:11 ADT 2015

OK, we've sorted this out:

If you are not permitted to post, receiving a rejection mail that says you don't have permission to post each time you try, it means the address you are posting from does not match the one you are subscribed to. 

In Richard's case, which we started investigating at tonight's meeting, we found he could post from Chebucto's pine mail client, but not webmail. Pine sets the Sender header to Richard's subscribed address while webmail does not. 

It turns out Chebucto *accepts* mail at either user at chebucto.ca or user at chebucto.ns.ca, but our mailing list software treats these as two distinct addresses. Chebucto's pine sends using the first form but their webmail sends using the second. Since Richard's subscription is only under the first form of the address, he could only post from pine and not webmail. Other users of Chebucto on our list may find this useful to know. 

"But wait," you may be thinking,  "Richard's post is From the second form of address, not the first. What gives?" The tricky bit is that pine only sets the Sender header to the first address but the From differs and is as you saw it, using the second form. Then nslug's mailing list software rewrites the headers so you only see the From, not the original Sender. 

So what can you do about it? 

Well, if you want to be able to post from both addresses, you can subscribe to both and then set one to "nomail" in your subscription settings. That way you'll continue to only receive one set of correspondence from the list while allowing you to post from both. 

This means for you, Richard, you need a second subscription with your address @chebucto.ns.ca which you should set to nomail. 

If any of you need help with this, you can email me privately and I can help you set it up. 

Thanks to Rob and others on irc for their excellent help with analysis. 

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