[nSLUG] Re: httpd busy on idle machine?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Jul 5 17:43:14 ADT 2015

Stephen Yorke <syorke at gmail.com> wrote:

> Apache?  I switched to nginx a year ago and never looked back.
> Is there a particular reason for using Apache?

It's what comes with the Slackware distro.

This isn't a production/enterprise machine.  This is my personal
laptop.  No outsiders are using the web server. I use it, in
conjunction with my own cgi-bin scripts, to retrieve pages from the

    Some page in ~/ on localhost  contains a ->
    link, possibly the ACTION attribute of a <FORM..., which points to ->
    http://localhost/cgi-bin/some-perl-script ->
    script reads ENV, composes a query, opens socket on remote host ->
    script sends query ->
    script reads and unpacks reply ->
    script edits reply to suit me ->
    script composes a response and hands it back to Apache  ->
    Apache returns response to my browser

and, occasionally, to look at pages across my LAN.

So I don't have to manage httpd for numerous or random or possibly
malicious users, heavy loads or other production matters.  This all
works fine on my older (2.4 kernel, apache-1.3.37) desktop system and
httpd doesn't show up in top(1) as active when nothing is calling on

So fetching, installing, figuring out, tweaking a completely different
web server sounds like totally unnecessary bother and possily spawning
new annoyances.

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