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Trina Conrad trina.hanson79 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 17:40:33 ADT 2015

Hey Mike,

Thanks for responding.  I also posted this question to the subreddit
/r/linuxquestions and got an answer back right away which was the
solution.  I issued:

chmod 755 dir

Everything returned to normal and I did a backup right away. :)


On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 4:16 PM, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:

> Trina wrote:
> > So today I issued the following command on a folder:
> >
> > chmod 644 <folder name>
> Assuming that "folder" is a synonym for the Unix/Linux locution
> "directory" [1], once you have marked a directory 644, no one but
> root, not even the owner, should be able to see/list the files in that
> directory.  "Permission denied".  At least that's the way it works on
> my machine.  The 'x' bit has to be set, at least for the owner, to
> access the contents of the directory.
> > Now everything in that folder is showing as a Binary file, including
> > the sub folders in folder.
> I just tried this on a dummy dir I set up.  chmod'ed the dir to  644.
> Only root can look inside.  Looking inside the dir as root, the
> permissions on the files *inside* the dir did not change.
> > ... showing as a Binary file...
> Do you mean that the files in question had the "executable" bit set?
>    -rwxr-xr-x  1 trina   users [etc....]
> Or am I missing something about identifying a "binary" file? [1]
> Doesn't answer your question, does it?  The best I can make of the
> chmod(1) manpage is that using the --recursive option changes
> permissions on both files and subdirectories recursively, which
> probably isn't what you want.  Huh.
> And as a digression, if you happen to be working on a system with AFS,
> the Unix-style permissions can still be set but become mostly
> (entirely? I forget) irrelevant and you have to do stuff peculiar to
> AFS.
> - Mike
> [1] Not being snarky here.  I'm just sufficiently out of touch with
>     much of current jargon to feel obliged to equivocate and qualify
>     bit. :-)
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