[nSLUG] Need an algorithm or heuristic

Gerald Ruderman linux at zdoit.airpost.net
Sat Jul 4 18:46:04 ADT 2015


A little off topic:

I need an algorithm or heuristic to solve this problem:

There are 200 points in 2 space. Plotted they form approximately an
ellipse. I have circles of fixed size whose diameter is about 1/40 of
the long dimension of the ellipse and about 1/20 of the smaller axis.  I
need to cover all the points in this space with the minimum number of
circles. The ideal solution is not required something that is close is

I have played around with this for a few weeks and am stumped. If a
search were phrased correctly I might find an algorithm to code, but I
don't know what to search for.

Seeking help either with where to look or a similar problem or a solution.



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