[nSLUG] Hello!

Martin Bruchanov bruxy at regnet.cz
Thu Jul 2 18:07:50 ADT 2015

Hi guys, 

I'm a Linux engineer relocating to Halifax in late September
and I would like to meet the local Linux community (and also
ham radio amateurs, some of you might be interested in both). 

I'm from Prague, Czech Republic and I've been actively involved
in the local Linux scene like Installfest, LinuxDays, so I'm
excited to participate in whatever you've got going on in

If you want to know more about me, here are my websites:
http://bruxy.regnet.cz/ and http://gnulinux.guru/ .

Best regards,

Martin (BruXy) Bruchanov

WWW       :  http://bruxy.regnet.cz/
Linked-In :  http://www.linkedin.com/in/bruxy
Google+   :  http://gplus.to/BruXy

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