[nSLUG] Thunderbird and line wrap control

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Dec 3 15:57:25 AST 2015

> I cannot insert line breaks where I want.  I'm running the icedove
> from Debian.

Perhaps you need some of the features of Icedove but, for my part, I
cannot imagine willingly composing email (or any text) in the horrid
little panes that I assume Icedove provides with the limited editing
versatility of such panes. [1]

At the risk of introducing a <RELIGION TYPE="text_editor"> subject: I
use GNU Emacs for email (and News).  AFAI have ever seen, it sends
exactly what you put into it.  Newlines are newlines unless the
recipient's client messes with them.  And you have an extremely
versatile editor while you're composing, not the Mickey Mouse editor
capabilities of that pane inside the GUI. 

Is it essential that you use a complex GUI program for the relatively
simple task of composing email?

- Mike

[1] I suppose I could be wrong here.  I infer from TEXTAREA panes in
    Firefox, from what Windows users get when they read mail in a GUI
    and similar fragmentarey evidence, that you're composing in a text
    pane with similar properties.

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