[nSLUG] Thumbdrive filenames problem

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Wed Aug 26 01:34:02 ADT 2015

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 12:14 AM, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:
> which leaves rsync still looking good.  Just need to get a thumbdrive
> formatted with a Linux fs for the purpose.

Have a look at rsnapshot. It is a smart wrapper around rsync to
automate backups. It uses hardlinks between backups so that each
backup is a full backup, but the actual space used is only the delta.
Because of this efficiency my work computer runs rsnapshot hourly.

I found the docs lacking but once I played around with it for a bit I
was happy with the results. Specifically the "hourly," "daily," etc,
backups are essentially arbitrary labels and the actual frequency of
the "hourly" backup is controlled in the crontab. Also the "daily"
backup doesn't make a new backup, it makes a copy of the last
"hourly." Likewise, IIRC, "weekly" is a copy of the last "daily", and
"monthly" is a copy of the last "weekly." Once I wrapped my head
around that it all just worked.

oh, and it is written in perl.


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