[nSLUG] Journaling fs? Unsuitable for thumbdrive?

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Sun Aug 23 07:27:19 ADT 2015

On 23/08/15 02:53 AM, Mike Spencer wrote:
> Joel Maxuel wrote:
>> There are two ideas I can think of to get around this limitation:
>> 1. Format the stick ext2 (or ext4 without journaling)
> So ext3 fs is a journaling fs and in ext4 fs it's optional?
> Why is it important *not* to use a journaling fs on a SSD/thumbdrive?

Typically this advice gets passed around based on the persistent myth
that because flash storage only lasts for a limited number of write
cycles, you should not do anything that would write frequently to disk,
especially to one spot on the disk (e.g. the journal file or swap).


It's surprising that in 2015 this myth is still circulating. Even the
lowest grade MLC is not going to wear out because you put a journalling
FS or a swap file on it. So relax: the risk of corruption in the face of
power failures is not worth the perception of having improved write
endurance. Use a journalling fs with all your flash-based storage. I've
always done this and never suffered any problems from it.


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