[nSLUG] Re: Thumbdrive filenames problem

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Aug 23 02:42:21 ADT 2015

John Weintraub wrote:

> The default go-to standard for thunbdrive formatting for
> file-transportation/saving between Linux and Windows systems is

Ah.  That would explain why some software that a Windoes user
downloaded for me arrived on an NTFS device.

> ...NTFS does not distinguish, as Linux does, between a lower-case
> and upper case file. So to NTFS, FILENAME.TXT is the same as
> filename.txt, but in Linux, they'd be treated as two different
> files.

That would be a problem for me to use as backup.  I have instances
such as ~/Mail/ARCHIVE and ~/Mail/Archive being a file and a directory
respectively -- other instances similar.  Errors related to that is
what caught my attention when attempting cp(1) backup to a vfat fs.

> I don't know if that helps or even contributes to the conversation.

Contributes, at least by me as I didn't know all that about NTFS.
Saved for reference.

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