[nSLUG] Re: Thumbdrive filenames problem)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Aug 22 21:20:48 ADT 2015

Joel Maxuel wrote:

> vfat is Windows' long file name solution to fat16, so the behaviour
> noticed is as expected (filenames are not case sensitive, has no
> idea on how do deal with symlinks).

I think I should have known this -- even did know it -- but just never
thought of it before because I'd only used thumb drives for
sneakernet. Thank you for the mental prod and confirmation.

> There are two ideas I can think of to get around this limitation:
> 1. Format the stick ext2 (or ext4 without journaling)

I think that's the one for this purpose: backup of ~/* and possibly
some other data chunks, to be referenced on a Linux host if something
(or everything) on the main box goes walkies.

> 2. tar the archive to the stick (tar cvvs foo/ > /media/stick/foo.tar) 
>    and then be forced to view the backup in an archiving tool.

I dislike tar for backups because there's no way (or I've not
discovered a way) to extract /path/to/some/file to ./file without
recreating ./path/to/some.

> All depends on how you want to share the backup.

Probably never an issue.  Wouldn't normally allow a complete archive
of my mail etc. to go anywhere one might think of as "away". :-)

> Hope this helps.

Does. Thank you.

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