[nSLUG] Re: resolving bellaliant.net while on fibreop

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Aug 20 15:52:27 ADT 2015

Donald wrote:

> The option from asus merlin named:
>    "Connect to DNS Server automatically"
> has the effect of making the Bell Aliant assigned DNS server of use
> exclusively to the router.  NATed systems are not able to reach it
> and must use the router gateway's DNS service to resolve hosts which
> are served by Bell Aliant's DNS.  The solution was to uncheck the
> router's "connect to DNS Server automatically" option and then my
> DNS resolver works fine.

I've noticed  that at one wifi WAP I've used, the D-Link router
asserts itself via DHCP as the DNS server.  AFAICT, that result in
all the DNS queries being sent to  www1.dlinksearch.com -- something
D-Link calls "Advanced DNS Service".

I didn't have admin access to that router so I never pursued the
subject but it sounds vaguely similar to what has caused your
problem.  I haven't been back to that particular WAP to experiment
with various runs at host, dig, traceroute etc. so I don't know just
*how* similar.

- Mike

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