[nSLUG] resolving bellaliant.net while on fibreop

Robert McKay robert at mckay.com
Wed Aug 19 19:29:32 ADT 2015

On 2015-08-19 19:31, D G Teed wrote:
> Perhaps I'm flagged for running nmap for open telnet ports against 
> network IP
> ranges similar to my IP.

Have you tried querying the other bellaliant.net nameservers; 
dns-nb00.aliant.net ( or dns-nb01.aliant.net ( 

Do those also not work behind NAT?
Any difference querying using TCP instead of UDP?

If queries work from the router itself I think it's unlikely to be 
aliant blocking you.. sure it could be, but they'd have to be using some 
very strange criteria (ie, ttl or maybe high NAT source ports?).. I 
think it's far more likely to be something on your end tbh.

The traceroute you showed not getting to the destination is probably a 
red-herring.. the nameserver just doesn't reply to the traceroute probes 
so what you are seeing there is normal.

Try it with tcptraceroute instead.. tcp should acknowledge (syn/ack) 
and the traceroute will complete.. wereas with udp it just sends a probe 
to the dns server and gets ignored.

Are you able to resolve other domains that are hosted on those 
nameservers.. such as for example;


It could be that bellaliant.net is a special case because it's part of 
your hostname.. dnsmasq might be intercepting it and somehow breaking 


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