[nSLUG] Ubuntu -Unable to use Update Manager to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04

G. MacNeil macneil.g at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 21:24:04 ADT 2015

The advise I see says you would be better off getting an Ubuntu 14.04 
Disk and re-installing.  There have been too many changes to make it 
worthwhile to do a step wise upgrade.  That is the reason those buttons 
are greyed out.  Standard Debian operations (ie. apt-get et al) will not 
work either.

Ubuntu will not touch your $HOME directory on the re-install, it is 
system software after all. It will install over the top of an existing 
installation at your option, or slice off a new partition if 
instructed.  It *should* detect the old Ubuntu install and act 
appropriately in the first case. It also *should* migrate your settings 
when you log into the new system in both cases.  I bet their success 
rate is really low unless you are on an all Intel system with no 
non-free components (Broadcom wireless, for instance).

I have *never* successfully installed Ubuntu 14.04 on one of my 
computers because they all have legacy Nvidia cards and nouveau is a 
piece of crap. And I believe that if you have a computer that ran Ubuntu 
12.04 or earlier, Ubuntu 14.04 will not run as well because of the age 
of the hardware. It's like they do not want to support legacy hardware 
... perhaps preferring to support their phones instead. Unless there is 
a reason you *must* upgrade,don't do it.

If flash and your browser are giving you grief, get the new versions 
from Google/Mozilla and Adobe instead, do what they tell you to do and 
ignore anything Ubuntu tells you.

If you do have a Nvidia video card, my advise would be to get a disk 
with the latest Mint (17.2 I believe). Both Mint 16 and Mint 17 migrated 
nicely for me, 17.2 gets lots of nice murmurs.  There are also several 
other "light" distros more appropriate for legacy hardware than Ubuntu 

Personally, after trying a whole bunch (20 distros or so, I suppose. I 
had a steady supply of magazine disks), I immediatly went back to Debian 
as soon as the Cinnamon Destop from Mint was available.  I like my 
desktop to be a desktop; not a laptop, not a pad and certainly not a 
phone. My very oldest computers that do not support a Composting Desktop 
Manager (also required for Ubuntu 14.04) do very well with MATE, also 
from the Mint guys and available in Debian.

If you have been using the Gnome 2 Desktop, then the MATE Desktop is by 
far your best option no matter what the distro.


On 08/08/2015 04:09 PM, Frank Geitzler wrote:
> I waited too long to do this upgrade, and now have the message "Your 
> Ubuntu release is not supported anymore".  That message could not be 
> closed, but could be moved from the center of the screen.  I did a 
> backup of my /home partition yesterday.  When I attempted to use 
> Update Manager to review outstanding updates and upgrade to Ubuntu 
> 12.04, which is required before upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04, the Update 
> manager was visible, but 'greyed-out' and updates could not be 
> browsed.  The 'Install updates' button was visible, and the default 
> was checked, but did not appear effective.  I clicked on it anyway, 
> but did not appear to do anything.  I was unable to close the Update 
> Manager window by pressing the 'Close' button, but when I 
> right-clicked on the title bar and selected 'Close', I received the 
> warning "The window "Update Manager" is not responding.  Forcing this 
> application to quit will cause you to lose any unsaved changes".  
> Should I just shut down anyway, to close everything down, or what 
> other action should I take?  Can I upgrade safely without using 
> Upgrade Manager?
> Thanks,
> Frank
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