[nSLUG] Ubuntu -Unable to use Update Manager to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 8 16:09:02 ADT 2015

I waited too long to do this upgrade, and now have the message "Your
Ubuntu release is not supported anymore".  That message could not be
closed, but could be moved from the center of the screen.  I did a
backup of my /home partition yesterday.  When I attempted to use Update
Manager to review outstanding updates and upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, which
is required before upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04, the Update manager was
visible, but 'greyed-out' and updates could not be browsed.  The
'Install updates' button was visible, and the default was checked, but
did not appear effective.  I clicked on it anyway, but did not appear to
do anything.  I was unable to close the Update Manager window by
pressing the 'Close' button, but when I right-clicked on the title bar
and selected 'Close', I received the warning "The window "Update
Manager" is not responding.  Forcing this application to quit will cause
you to lose any unsaved changes".  Should I just shut down anyway, to
close everything down, or what other action should I take?  Can I
upgrade safely without using Upgrade Manager?
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