[nSLUG] Ubuntu and Skype

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 6 10:28:49 ADT 2015

I am preparing to help a Windows-XP user install Ubuntu 14.04, by adding
a second 40 GB hard drive, and installing Ubuntu dual boot on the second
drive, so that any settings he may require can be migrated automatically
to his Ubuntu.  He uses Skype quite a bit, and I have never used it, so
am not familiar with its requirements.  
I did a little research this morning, and came up with the following:
I am not sure whether the installation procedure will attempt to migrate
Skype settings, and if it does so, whether it will be necessary to
delete the Skype created by the installation, and add the repository
suggested by this reference before re-installing Skype.  Has anyone any
experience with this, or any suggestions?
Frank Geitzler
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