[nSLUG] Perl HTTPS modules? (Was: Wikipedia changes/limits protocols?)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Aug 1 17:30:46 ADT 2015

Not to continue the debate on whether HTTPS-everywhere has a
substantive justification or not, which we've covered and is slightly
OT here anyhow...

A Linux-related aspect is this: There are several sites that I visit
often that deliver ads, lots of info extraneous to my needs, unwanted
<META...refresh...> tags, No-cache headers, tracking data etc.  I
access these sites from a link on my home page in ~/ which points to a
cgi-bin perl script on localhost.  The script fetches the "page",
edits both body and HTTP headers to elide unwanted parts with
sometimes gnarly regexps and hands it back to the local httpd.

This is a very nice capability of Linux that requires limited
programming skills excepting, maybe, the gnarly regular expressions.

If one of those sites goes to HTTPS, I don't know how to do the
neccessary protocol -- certificates and encryption -- in Perl.

My existing scripts of this kind use IO::Socket and Net::hostent to
deal with the IP socket, much simpler than grovelling through the
relevant C structs and libs.  Are there Perl modules that will handle
HTTPS connections with similar ease and simplicity?

As an entirely amateur Perl hacker, I find CPAN a bit overwhelming and
thought I'd ask here first in case someone is already familiar with
the relevant modules.

- Mike

PS: Not that I'm spending the summer hunched over the keyboard.  Far
    too much to do in the vegetable gardens (not to mention eating the
    produce) and other outdoor stuff among the insects (ouch), birds
    and flowers. Picking wild blueberries today. :-)  

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