[nSLUG] How to avoid systemd in Debian 8 "Jessie"

Oliver Doepner odoepner at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 07:55:33 ADT 2015

Well, Ben, if this is such a minor thing then why did a whole bunch of
senior Debian folks resign during the systemd conflicts?


On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 6:33 AM, Ben Armstrong <synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>

> On 26/04/15 09:23 PM, Oliver Doepner wrote:
> > Interesting comment on slashdot about Redhat's agenda with systemd:
> > http://news.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=7312219&cid=49546875
> >
> > "we're heading for a corporate endgame where the GPL is run-around due
> > to systemd. It's the goal of pushing kdbus into the kernel as well as
> > sucking in everything from dns to a time server into systemd. Their
> > corporate clients have the issue of shipping proprietary software &
> > the LGPL on linux, but if it's just communicating with all the
> > libraries as a service, well...."
> >
> Don't take this personally, but I'm more than a little tired of the
> hyperbolic reactions to systemd. It is, we are given to believe, "the
> end of Linux", and according to the above, perhaps also "the end of
> freedom", too! Meanwhile, the Jessie release went off without a hitch,
> after the freeze being completed in record time, Linux is still alive
> and kicking, and we all (last I checked) still have our freedom. After
> all of the strident complaints of "I'll be forced to use systemd! We're
> being robbed of freedom of choice!" I'm happy to say that sysvinit is
> still in the Debian archive and plenty of people still use it. If you
> care about it, then relax: it probably will remain for some time to
> come, provided there is a sufficient developer/user base that continues
> to care about it. Like many big changes to the Linux software ecosystem
> that preceded it (anyone remember libc5->libc6? the big redesigns of KDE
> and GNOME?) after all the initial turmoil, it quickly returns to normal
> afterwards, continuing to embody a healthy balance of adaptability,
> innovation, pragmatism and freedom of choice. In another five years, my
> own prediction is exactly zero of the systemd doomsayers' predictions
> will have come to pass, everyone's freedom will have stayed intact, and
> only a few curmudgeons will stroke their beards and remark: "remember
> systemd? what a dark day for Linux that was!"
> If you want to sample some saner commentary than Slashdot on the arrival
> of systemd in Jessie, have a look through various developer commentary
> on Planet Debian:
> http://planet-search.debian.org/cgi-bin/search.cgi?terms=systemd
> On the whole the reception seems quite positive. I've started to educate
> myself on the new systemd toolset and so far am liking what I see.
> Ben
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