[nSLUG] Linux-Notebooks from Dell

Stephen Yorke syorke at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 11:53:52 ADT 2015

I have pointed these out a while ago on this thread and if anyone is
considering one, or anything from Dell, please let me know. I have a
few friends and family discount codes which we get every quarter. It is
only 15% off but hey... It is like getting it tax free. =)

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Subject: [nSLUG] Linux-Notebooks from Dell
Hear Ye,

Dell has recently released a new notebook in their "Developer Edition"
series. The News XPS 13 comes with Ubuntu (so it has the relevant
drivers) and more RAM.

It is lightweight and features a 13 inch FHD monitor on an 11 inch sized
(The non-glossy non-touch is only available with Intel i5, whereas the
glossy touch-device is available with i5 or i7).

Anyone here interested? It start at $1085, but maybe we can get a
discount if we order a bunch. :-)

Also, there the larger Precsion M3800 with Ubuntu (saves $170) and a 15
inch screen (touch only). This one is somewhat customizable. You can add
a second harddrive, chose a "French/English" (French Canadian?)
keyboard, etc.

Daniel AJ
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