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Miles Thompson milesthom at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 13:57:33 ADT 2014

Help / guidance in sorting out the following will be greatly appreciated.
I'm tying to install KDE desktop on an AMD64, 3 Gbytes RAM, SuperMicro
H8SSL-1 motherboard, Centos 7.  (Centos 7 because Ubuntu would not install,
and the Debian DVDs would not boot.)

On board video is ATI Rage, 8 M RAM.
PCI-X video, as reported by lspci is
AMD/ATI RV280 GL[FireMV 2200PCI] Secondary rev 01

"$ echo $DISPLAY" -   returns nothing

KDE Plasma Workspaces installed with no errors.

If I issue:

1) "$ start kde &" this message is returned
   "$DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to X server"
2) "$ startx"
   "Unable to connect to xserver. Connection refused."
In either case, the system trys - screen blanks then comes back with either
of the above messages.

Last messages in tail end of log file are:

[626.534] 9EE) Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault) Server aborted.
 ... then a couple of blank lines and advice to check the log file
[626.628] (EE) Server terminated with error(1). Closing log file.

Why am an I doing this? I want to run Sickbeard / XMBC and serve content to
TVs in the house.

How do I debug this? Guidance will be welcomed.

Regards - Miles Thompson

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But they sound like a million colours in your mind"
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