[nSLUG] Security in virtual machines

Gerald Ruderman linux at zdoit.airpost.net
Thu Sep 11 18:44:25 ADT 2014


That is a good observation and better idea than mine. Let me read that
back to you.

Set up the VirtualBox host so that it just runs VB. The only Internet
connections it makes are to keep its OS and Virtual Box up to date.

Create one VM for normal Internet use. Create another VM for just
financial use. Don't share directories or have network connections
between the two.

Do I understand your suggestion?


On 9/11/14 16:45, George White wrote:
>> On Sep 11, 2014, at 1:20 PM, Gerald Ruderman <linux at zdoit.airpost.net> wrote:
>> I am using VirtualBox to run some virtual machines. Wanting more
>> security for my financial tasks I wonder how much I would gain if I
>> create a virtual machine that is only used for financial tasks. What
>> would IO gain if I had a dedicated computer I only used for money matters.
> If the host gets rooted the VMs are at risk.  Keep the host away from internet sites -- we have seen that even big name sites can serve malware so best to do web stuff in a VM, with different VMs to limit damage and using care with cross connections.
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