[nSLUG] Synaptics USB touchpad

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Sep 2 16:12:56 ADT 2014

George wrote:

> Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:
>> AFAICT, the Synaptics {touch,click}pad with USB ID 06cb:2970 on an
>> Acer E17-721 laptop is the coolest, newest thing [1] and
>> unsupported by any extant kernel module or driver.
> That seems to be a "Windows Precision Touchpad"
> <http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows-8/touchpad>


> ...so there may be some hope that Acer will provide drivers.  Also
> see: <http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ODE2Mg>

Huh. 2010 blurb but no evidence that promised drivers have been
forthcoming.  It isn't clear to me that the terminally cute visual
gesture tricks could be enabled without extensive accommodation from X

> Do you just want conventional touchpad functions or are you looking
> for multitouch gestures support?

Conventional touchpad support. (Well, the "clickpad" feature requires
slightly more than "basic" to disambiguate click from touch.)  I don't
much care for touchpads in the first place.  But it's a tad annoying
to be *obliged* to plug in a USB mouse, something I might *choose* to do
more often than not.  The multitouch/gesture stuff is stuff I'd be at
pains to turn *off* if I had it. (I can imagine it being useful for
projection presentations, not having to fiddle with carefully
positioning a cursor in front of an audience, but not for stuff I'm
likely to do.)

> Petter Hutterer <http://who-t.blogspot.ca/2014_04_01_archive.html>,
> http://who-t.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/xorg-synaptics-support-for-lenovo-t440.html
> has been working on this stuff.  You should be able to find the USB
> device ID for the recent Lenovo touchpads to see if they are the same
> as yours.

Mare's nest of patches.  I'll grovel through it looking for some USB
IDs later. 

(I have a perfectly good, older laptop that is fully X/Linux compliant
but battery problems were driving me nuts.  Hence flyer into new

Thanks for the pointers,
- Mike

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