[nSLUG] Software to integrate web site to factory

Gerald Ruderman linux at zdoit.airpost.net
Thu Oct 23 18:40:01 ADT 2014


The last time I needed software to integrate a web based order system to
some automated factory hardware was 15 years ago. We wrote it all
ourselves. Now I get to do it again.

Instead of Windows I want to use Linux and I don't want to write it all.
A customer will order an item on a web site with the usual info about
shipping address and some specs for the item. Someplace in the cloud
these specs get turned into a factory order using software we are
writing. This information needs to get to the factory where a computer
controlled cutter will cut the parts. A barcode printer will print a
unique serial number to attach to the item. The factory assembles it in
a process that does not need any computer connection. Then the QA
station needs to compare the finished item to the specs. Then it needs
to integrate with some shipping application to let customers track
shipments. We also need customer to track where their orders are in the
manufacturing queue.

I've been out of the industry for 10 years. Looking for any suggestions
of where to find something to make this easier.



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