[nSLUG] Crappy VPN (Was: Find and replace command)

Monte Stevens montestevens at eastlink.ca
Fri Oct 3 08:08:28 ADT 2014

Oliver Doepner <odoepner at gmail.com> writes:

> I use Windows 7 for a couple of things:


> - Remote desktop into work VMs (via a crappy SSL VPN that only works in IE)

Is that F5?  I use f5vpn-login on a Wheezy box.

# Do this one time
stoken import --token \
   $(~/TokenConverter261/TokenConverter ~/my-sdtid-file.sdtid)

# Do this every time
stoken --pin=my-pin
f5vpn-login --dont-check-certificates my-login at my-company


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