[nSLUG] BB Q5 as Modem on Linux?

Norm anamelech at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 10:31:27 AST 2014

I didn't see anything on USB tethering when I looked into it, but if you have access to wireless networking on the Linux box the q5 supports mobile hotspot.

Once you turn the feature on and set a password, you just connect through your normal wireless manager to this access point served by your phone. I've used it on bell LTE on android and it was pretty snappy, so if you can do it, its a lot more convenient.

On March 8, 2014 4:07:44 AM AST, Daniel AJ Sokolov <daniel at falco.ca> wrote:
>does one of you know how easy/difficult it is to use a Blackberry Q5
>(BB10 Operating System) as a modem for a Linux computer such as Linux
>Mint or Ubuntu?
>Koodo is selling the Q5 for cheap; it supports LTE. And I would like to
>have an LTE-modem to plug in to my computer via USB.
>Asking Google, I couldn't find much of help.
>Daniel AJ
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