[nSLUG] Eastlink DHCP oddness

Julien Savoie julien.savoie at usainteanne.ca
Fri Mar 7 09:12:06 AST 2014

On 07/03/14 08:18 AM, Daniel AJ Sokolov wrote:
> While I am not familiar with your problems, I have had a massive issue
> with the Eastlink DNS for 2 years or so: Any DNS resolving with my
> Ubuntu PC (and some other Linux devices) takes a very long time. Over
> one second. I believe there is some timeout that has to be waited for,
> but I couldn't track the real issue down.
> As the average website-load today requires several resolves, browsing
> the web became unbearably slow. Once the domain was resolved, everything
> flowed quickly.
> I've been in touch with Eastlink support when the issue arose, but to no
> avail. Eventually, I switched to other DNS.
Thanks for the feedback.  My problem is more a "that's odd" rather than
a show stopper.

As for the DNS issue, I'm running my own bind internally for a number of
reasons (dnssec, testing, etc...).  However in your case you "could"
have considered using nscd and caching hosts through nsswitch.conf.  
That said, I'm not a fan of how many ISPs (including Eastlink) do DNS
hijacking, refusing to return NXDOMAIN until you've opt-out of their
searchmanager.  My opinion is many users are better served switching
over to OpenDNS, and I imagine that's what you ended up resorting to.

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