[nSLUG] Need advice on linux web OS

Pat Gagnon patgagnon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 15:43:06 ADT 2014

Hello NSLUG'ers,

Looking at salvaging a bunch of older laptops that are currently running
Win XP for our school.

I'm currently playing with Puppy Linux but I would rather have something
closer to the Chrome OS experience.  Boot right into the browser, no local
file storage (Google Apps is used instead) and possibly print (new Mac Mini
server with air print is being installed soon).

Authentication to the domain is done via 802.1x or via a captive portal

I need to make sure everything is locked down or at least back to default
on next boot to minimize maintenance.

I've spent some time looking but haven't found anything quite right.
 Anyone have any ideas on what would get me close to this dream setup?  Or
is this something I will need to configure from something like Puppy?

Laptops have 512 MB ram and 80GB min HDD.  CPU are Pentium 2 and higher.

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