[nSLUG] In pursuit of KISS (Was: Frame buffer console(s) won't...)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Jun 9 15:25:14 ADT 2014

Ben wrote:

> ...I've been happy for nearly 30 years to just stick with Debian
> itself...

That would be the 30 years since 1993?

        The Debian Project was officially founded by Ian Murdock on
        August 16th, 1993.  -- From www.debian.org

How the time fly. :-)

I started with Caldera by happenstance, because that was the CD in the
back of the Great Fat Book I snarfed.  I had once, before I had a box
to put it on, downloaded an early Slackware to floppies but never used
them.  And I'd subsequently heard stuff about the bare-bones
attributes of Slackware.  So when I didn't like Caldera, next stop was
Slackware 8.0. And I now have so many little customizations and
tweaks, and I'm so annoyed by extraneous eye-candy, that I'll probably
stay with Slack unless something goes very wrong with it, Pat
Volkerding and Eric Hameleers all at once. :-)

In that unhappy event, though, Debian sounds good.  In particular, if
a problem of refractory impenetrability were to arise with Debian, I
could, in the worst case, drive up to Halifax and camp on Ben's
doorstep until he helped me. ;-)

- Mike

PS: And we *could* change the subject line in this thread.  I have the
    horrible framebuffer console screens banished, TYVM.

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