[nSLUG] Frame buffer console(s) won't go away

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Mon Jun 9 10:32:02 ADT 2014

On 09/06/14 08:36 AM, Chris R. Thompson wrote:
> Out of curiosity all this speak of minimal gets me thinking... Anyone thought to try out crunchbang?
> http://crunchbang.org/

Or you could just run Debian and tailor it to suit your needs ...

> On Jun 8, 2014 11:26 AM, Joel Maxuel <j.maxuel at gmail.com> wrote:
> [1] I used LXDE for about a week between KDE and Xfce.  Although the
> dealbreaker it seemed (and this may have something to do with all the GNOME
> nastiness that was still lurking on my PC) was there was no simple way
> (apparent to me) to mount a removable (in my case via USB) volume.  That
> was my decision to stick with a DE over a WM.

Joel, you don't need a DE for that. Just run udisks-glue. That being
said, pcmanfm should handle USB automounting just fine (though it may be
that it fails in certain corner cases? ntfs automounting with older
pcmanfm version from Wheezy perhaps?)

My "minimal" Debian desktop on an EeePC model 1001px with RAM maxed out
at 2G (This changes month to month to adapt to my needs & tastes):

- Debian sid
- eeepc-acpi-scripts (handle eeepc hotkeys)
- lxde
- minus xscreensaver (no need for it at home; justs wastes power; just
disable in config)
- minus pcmanfm (no need for this except in rare circumstances; just
disable in config)
- udisks-glue (automount removable volumes)
- network-manager-gnome (best wireless manager I know of; don't let the
'gnome' suffix lead you to believe it drags in bloat -- it doesn't,
really, provided you install without recommends)
- xfce4-volumed (passive bubble volume control indicator)
- chromium
- icedove

The last two are rather fat. However, considering these two are the most
heavily used apps on this system (aside from lxterminal), it's a
compromise I'm willing to live with.

So, essentially, the bits of LXDE I *do* regularly use are:

- lightdm (not really a part of LXDE, but is the default dm)
- lxsession
- lxpanel
- openbox
- lxterminal

As you can see, this is little more than a session manager + WM.


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