[nSLUG] Frame buffer console(s) won't go away

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Jun 8 02:10:14 ADT 2014

jack> I use xfce, and the taskbar does *not* clutter up the
jack> screen. There is a setting so that it disappears until I mouse
jack> down to the bottom of the screen...

joel> What's more, you can easily disable all panels (right-click on
joel> panel, select Remove).  I've never tried this (on purpose)
joel> before, but I know it's possible.  As a bare minimum setup, it's
joel> not even necessary because you can access all apps by right
joel> click.
joel> Although if you use system apps, you may want to have a part of
joel> a panel snapped to the corner for a Notification Area if nothing
joel> else.

Just guessing here, y'all are having trouble imagining how bare-bones
twm is compared to the typical WM or DE.

But I *am* saving your suggestions against the day that I get fed up
with the effort I expend bludgeoning features and details into
submission to my eccentricities and go for something with more
frills. :-)

I have the USB wireless dongle working; have it doing DHCP (new to me)
with my router. Now I have to go out into the great wide world and try
it with some other wireless access point.  Then I can try to get
wpa_supplicant working. (Or does that happemautomatically?) And something
with iptables  that doesn't block the DHCP negotiation.

Oh, wait, I have a few more unwanted features to bludgeon. :-)

- Mike

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