[nSLUG] Re: Data sharing BOF

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Jun 6 01:28:35 ADT 2014

On the general subject of all data sharing "work[ing] by submitting
your data to a web site with a (sadly, fairly standard) privacy policy
that both provides no guarantee as to the privacy of your data, and
also claims ownership of the data you submit."

Dark Social!


>From the article:

    As the article puts it, attributed to Chartbeat and RadiumOne: "Up to
    80 per cent of all 'sharing' of publisher and brand content is being
    distributed through email and text messaging to smaller,
    'off-the-grid' user networks".

    This, we're portentously told, is an "underbelly" of social sharing
    that "presents a challenge to media companies" because they've
    "invested millions to exploit audiences on Facebook and Twitter".

    The complaint, from RadiumOne's Kerry McCabe, is that "There's a big
    world of sharing going on out there which is not being dictated by
    social media".

Oh, good.  Let's do more of that, eh?

Mutter, mutter...,
- Mike

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