[nSLUG] why slackxx.x instead of debian (Was: Frame buffer...)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Jun 5 01:30:48 ADT 2014

Hi Douglas --

> Pardon my intrusion...

Not an intrusion.

> ... but why slackxx.x instead of debian withOUT gnome, but with
> (something simple like) icewm and filerunner?

Well, see, way back in school, my (then) girlfriend gave me a nice
little cufflink box from a good jeweler for Christmas.  Inside were
two 3/8" black machine bolts with nuts. [1]  An I *still* often take my
toys apart before I play with them.  (And yes, by 'n bye she gave
the  monogrammed sterling cufflinks, too. :-)

I use twm and do almost everything in X. (Now excepting
wicd-curses(8)).  No argument: a windowing environment is way, way
ahead of consoles.  I do mail (send and receive), Usenet news and file
management in Emacs.  Most Command-line shell stuff also in Emacs, in
a shell buffer. Anything that needs a smart terminal (top, less) I do
in an xterm.

I do use a GUI browser, sound mixer and image viewer and, occasionally
Gimp (which is *very* GUI, of course.)  Otherwise, I avoid GUI
versions of anything that I can do easily from a command line,
e.g. MPlayer for video and some music.  In general, configuring
everything via text files suits me.  

I see that Icewm has an optional system tray. That might be an choice
if the trend to making the tray mandatory for X apps increases.  But a
quick google finds a whole slough of "themes" for Icewm, which leads
me to expect excesses of eye candy and GUI.

I gather that Debian has a nifty package-fetching utility that also
takes care of dependencies.  I have occasionally groveled through
dependency hell to get something running but, aside from dependency
problems, I'm easy with compiling most stuff from source. And I think
Slackware is working on a package-fetcher, too, although I haven't
investigated it.

Summary: I guess Slack is the most KISS distro, lets me exploit what
I've learned as a Unix user since X was still X10 without having to
deal with eye candy and learn new graphical "features".  In fact,
every distro version upgrade, I spend hours disabling, suppressing or
working around a host of new and annoying user-interface features.

Well, you asked. ;-)

Next up: how do I do DHCP?  But I have some reading to do before I
actually ask that of the list.

- Mike

PS: The problem with the wireless dongle is solved with wicd(8). See
    recent alt.os.linux.slackware posts for details. Something I
    didn't understand and now do, something I still don't understand
    but it works, several new things learned in passing.

[1] Never used them -- too big.  They should have been 3/16" machine
    bolts.  She wasn't mechanically inclined. ;-) And yes, by 'n bye
    she gave the monogrammed sterling cufflinks, too.

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
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