[nSLUG] Resuscitating a Kobo

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 14 23:42:05 ADT 2014

My daughter took a Kobo to the beach.  No problem, till she accidentally
braced her hand flat on it to get up off the sand...
The Kobo is a wireless model, is charged up (she forgot to bring me the
charger, when she visited today) and can be turned on and off; but
unfortunately the display on the screen is jumbled -some of the text is
legible, enough to read the messages saying that it is powered off or
on, and the book title being read can, with a bit of guessing, be made
out.  I took it in to Chapters today, and they told me that model hasn't
been sold for several years, and none are available for which it could
be exchanged.  They tried the 'factory reset' routine (shove a paper
clip into a small hole on the back), but that didn't help.
Does anyone have any useful suggestions?  No rush -I will just put it
away till the next meeting -of either (or both) clubs.
Frank Geitzler
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