[nSLUG] Looking to contract out Wifi and LDAP work

Pat Gagnon patgagnon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 08:14:20 ADT 2014

Hello all, I post this here in the hopes that someone knows about Aruba and
Smoothwall seeing as they both use Linux as their OS.  Also Aruba is used
in several local large companies in HRM so I'm hoping there's local

A local private school is looking for someone or a company to work on their
existing network.

The scope of the work involves:

1. Use the Aruba and Smoothwall appliances already in place.  These will
need patching.
2. Implement BYOD
3. implement LDAP/AD in order to provide groups for file access, internet
filtering groups, etc
4. Upgrade file server to make use of new LDAP groups

Preferred implementation timeline is everything working by mid-August 2014.

Contact me me for more details.  patgagnon at gmail.com cell 830-1324.

Thank you,
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