[nSLUG] Real Time Clock boards for Raspberry Pi

Dave Flogeras dflogeras2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 20:20:45 AST 2014

Hi all,

If anyone has a Raspberry Pi and wishes they had a battery backed RTC for
it let me know.  I didn't like the one I bought from Adafruit as it was
designed for Arduino so the pinouts were wrong for the Raspi and it
required a cable to connect.

I have designed a small postage stamp sized board which just clips onto the
Pi's header P1 and sits pretty.  I also used surface mount components
enabling me to get it pretty small.

It is based on the ubiquitous DS1307 RTC chip which was pretty simple to
integrate on Gentoo, I would imagine Debian based distros wouldn't be too
much trouble.

I have several spares as I had a run of 9 boards made and only need 3.  I'd
sell them for $15/each if anyone is interested.

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