[nSLUG] BoundlessGeo & MongoDB

Vlado Keselj vlado at cs.dal.ca
Wed Jan 15 11:05:58 AST 2014


With a reminder about tonight's presentation, please be aware that there 
is another public talk happening in the same building at the first floor, 
also starting at 7pm.  It is a chemistry seminar ("The Secret Life of a 

Don't end up in a wrong room -- we are at the 4th floor.


On Fri, 10 Jan 2014, Scott Syms wrote:

> Thanks for all the offers to host.....S
> Title: Big Data in Marine Ecology
> Speakers:
> Paul Oude-Reimerink, MongoDB
> Chad Tindle, MongoDB
> Dave Gibbon, BoundlessGeo
> Organized by: 
> M. Scott Syms (syms.ms at forces.gc.ca)
> MCOIN Applications Team Lead
> Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters
> Date: Wednesday January 15, 2014
> Time: 7:00 p.m.
> Location:  
> Jacob Slonim Conference Room (#430)
> Dalhousie University
> 6050 University Avenue, Halifax
> Abstract:
> Big data analytics has entered popular discussion amongst the commercial IT industry, but it is still a challenge
> to retain, query and present large geo-enabled data sets.  MongoDB and BoundlessGeo have offerings that enable
> performant, standards based display and storage of data.
> MongoDB (formerly 10gen) develops a distributed database optimized to store and scale large amounts of data.
>  Performance is maintained by sharding collections over redundant commodity machines.  MongoDB supports
> JavaScript-based map/reduce, built in aggregation framework and planar/spherical
> geometry. http://www.mongodb.com/
> BoundlessGeo (formerly OSGeo) provides software and services in Open Source, OGC compliant geospatial products
> such as Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers and QGIS. They maintain the OSGeo software suite DVD for sampling
> opensource geo-spatial applications.
> http://boundlessgeo.com/
> Representatives from both companies will be making presentations and fielding questions.
> Host: Vlado Keselj (vlado at cs.dal.ca)

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