[nSLUG] Bettercrypto Guide

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Wed Jan 1 03:06:29 AST 2014

Calling all Sysadmins,

welcome to Year 1 A.S. (after Snowden).

Your work as sysadmins has just become easier: An international
security-team has developed a guide to Applied Crypto Hardening.

It contains easy settings to harden your systems - designed for
copy&paste, with short explainations.

The guide is a draft and published under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA).
The authors invite your critique and suggestions for improvement. Every
step of the process is publicly documented.

Please head to https://bettercrypto.org/ and see for yourself. Then,
spread the word as good as you can.

Thank you for your attention.
Daniel AJ
(no affiliation with bettercrypto)

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