[nSLUG] Re programming language choice

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Fri Feb 28 12:32:49 AST 2014

As a non programmer I tend to look at things from different perspective.

If the "newbie" was hired for his skill in the particular language that they knew, then 
management should listen to their views.  If it was for a generic skill set management has to 
consider if the new outsider is going to try and change the company to his way of doing things.

The latter could be a case of the tail wagging the dog.

The program architect should have in mind the language chosen when the program is designed.  
Often the language determines the limits to the function intended.

If the application is well along in design and several people are already working on it, the 
cost to change language should be carefully considered.  If the design has been very carefully 
planned out, and is well along in coding, then maybe it is better to stick with the plan.

A new hire should bring specific skills relevant to the current projects.  Management or owners 
should have a roadmap of bringing the new hire up to speed on the existing way of doing things. 

If the new hire was brought on to establish the programming environment, libraries, policies 
and procedures, then insist on a plan and timetable.  Otherwise the owners should have policies 
and procedures that the new hire has to be trained in.  If policies, procedures, test 
protocols, timetables, and expectations are not defined, the project should be reset.

It is the same as hiring someone to do a job and saying "do your best".  You have to accept 
whatever you get.  Do both sides a favour.  Establish standards, expectations, and timetables.  
If they are missing the project will never end.  No one will know when it is "done".  No one 
will know if that is what was expected.

Just my thoughts from a lot of projects.

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